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Because our family-run business has been in the shipping industry for nearly 80 years, few companies are better placed to help you navigate the increasingly complex process of importing and exporting goods worldwide. While the world seems a lot smaller than it was when we started our company in 1938, the hassles of dealing with paperwork, permits, rules and regulations are bigger than ever before. And that's where our expertise comes in. We not only take on the task of helping you reduce paperwork, but we also help you cut costs and prevent any delays when you're moving goods and cargo. All you need to do is sit back and wait for your ship to come in.

By sea, air, road or rail

Export Import Services gets your goods delivered


Worry-Free Shipping

We take care of all your export issues, including permits, paperwork,and red tape.


Every Cargo Carried

We handle all commodities, including hazardous and oversized goods, and take pride in every shipment.


No Job Too Small

We don't just deal with big companies. Most of our customers are small and medium-sized businesses like yours.


A Family Company

We've been doing this for nearly 80 years, and consider our customers and staff as loyal friends. So you're in good hands.


Stress Free Shipping

Just let us know when your shipment is ready to go and we do the rest, while you get on with business.


We Go Everywhere

We get your goods where they need to be, from Atlanta to Zambia and anywhere inbetween.

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